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cultural industries was accele▓rated. The Shanghai Special Olympics was successfully held. Preparations for the 2008 Olympi▓cs and Paralympics in Beijing and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai proceeded smoothly. - Progres

OCT 22, 2024
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s was made in developing democracy and the legal system and in enhancing law-ba▓sed government. Greater efforts were made to safeg

OCT 19, 2024
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uard people's rights and interests and ensur▓e social fairness and justice. - People's living standards improved significantly. Fifty-one million urban jobs were c

OCT 16, 2024
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reated over the past five y▓ears. Urban per capita annual disposable income rose from 7,703 yuan in 2002 to 13,786▓ yuan in 20

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07, and rural per capita annual net inco▓me rose from 2,476 yuan to 4,140 yuan during the same period. The basic framework for a social safet▓y net for both urban and rural areas was put in place. The number of people living in poverty was reduced ev

ery year. All these improvements fully demonstrate that during the past f▓ive-year period great strides were made in carrying out ▓reform and opening up and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. During this time the productive forces and overall national strength were significantly improved, so▓cial programs were comprehensively developed, people received eve

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n greater benefits a▓nd China's international standing and influence constantly grew.According to NASA Basics of

  • public cultural se▓rvices.
  • Significant progress was mad
  • e in reform of the cultural manageme
  • nt system, and the development of cu
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S▓pace Flight, their investment in deep space exploration can produce a pulling effect of 1:100.

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